We believe that specialty coffee is...

.. a pleasure drink, easy to achieve and accessible to all. We have a weakness for coffee filter and cherish the Assembly, thoughtful, researched and tested, which brings a new vision in the world of coffee and that opens an infinite number of doors. Our coffee store has become our cellar.

As a roaster & master assembler...

... We have an accurate view of the profile of our coffees. This goes through the selection of green coffees but also by our roasting profiles. We prefer the softness and the body in Cup by developing at the second and 0.1 °c near the coffees of exceptional producers or cooperatives. Coffee enthusiasts who impress us more in each season with the quality of the grains they produce. We are also committed to long-term work with our exporters, importers and producers. A reality that is illustrated year after year during our visits to Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya, Rwanda... in order to taste the new harvests together.

The coffee, a pleasure drink!

For us, coffee is the pleasure drink par excellence. A parenthesis that one offers itself, to appreciate without rule or dogma. Whether it is shared or tasted alone, it is a drink to live in its own way! So, if you want to drink your coffee with milk, sugar and face the sea in a slipper, do it!

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